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Independence, commitment and trust constitute the fundamental values at Capital Strategy. This philosophy is at the heart of every client relationship.


The principles that govern us appear in our daily work. When speaking of independence, our sole purpose is to assure the best possible return to our clients by choosing the most appropriate investment, aside from any other consideration. Availability, flexibility and efficiency characterise our commitment to our clients. Confidentiality being an inherent part of our profession, confidence itself, however, is acquired by sharing the same point of view in business. It is by being attentively close in our approach that we construct our relationships and solidify them over time.




Capital Strategy's principal focus is wealth management. As a financial platform in Switzerland, it acts as a counterpart for all services related to the sphere of private wealth. The bespoke configuration of its mandates corresponds precisely to individual desires.





Capital Strategy offers a complete range of investment services. Investment selection depends on each client's specific investment profile, chosen with criteria consisting of the highest quality. Different types of mandates exist, ranging from 100% income based to 100% growth driven, passing through various levels of risk tolerance.


A complete investment infrastructure (equities, bonds, funds, structured/guaranteed products and derivatives) assures an organisation that is optimally conformed to the needs of our clients.

Capital Strategy is under the supervision of SO-FIT, a self-regulatory body recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).








12, Rue Général Dufour

1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel:  +41 22 819 40 70

Fax: +41 22 819 40 71


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